Staub Solutions

What is 'Staub Solutions'?

Staub Solutions is a company founded by Brian Staub, who has great experience regarding project planning, leadership, programming and business development. Staub Solutions strive to be your partner to fulfill your needs in the fields of industry, automation, optimization and growth. 

Do not hesitate contacting me, no matter what business opportunities it may concern.

The Founder of 'Staub Solutions'


Brian Staub

I am an engaged and innovative visionary with significant experience in the fields of industrial automation. I have, through over 20 years of experience, achieved substantial knowledge in product development, automation and development generally. Because of that, I can add value to your company in many different ways.

Through my honest and credible appearance, and through my industrial experience, I have built all of my relations on a foundation of trust and dependability, which has given me a good reputation in numerous fields.

Using my expertise I have developed an ability to spot innovative solutions in unexpected places. I always make sure to finish what I start, and for that reason I put in the extra work required for the best result.

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