Staub Solutions


Staub Solution offers higly modern and innovative solutions within the industrial and automative industry. I, among other things, offer consultion, project management, optimization and selection of suppliers.


Do you want to automate your production or choose the right supplier?

Do you have the necessary knowledge and experience nescessary to find the optimal solution for you?

Through Staub Solutions I offer professional consultion to acomplish your business's short and long-term goals. With over 20 years of experience in many different fields within industry, automation, leadership and business development, Staub Solutions is the optimal solution when an innovative, trustworthy partner is needed. Through my broad experience, I can be a partner to help determining which supplier has the greatest experience in the specific field you need.


Is your time scarce? Could you use a partner to properly secure all of your projects?

Staub Solutions offers project management that consists of more than simple Gantt-diagrams and spreadsheets. Project management from Staub Solutions ensures that your projects turn out the way you want them to.

In addition to milestone updates, I also follow the progress of the desired solutions to ensure a fully optimised, stabile and cost-effective product.

This helps ensure a more optimal transition from idea to finished product.


Staub Solutions is the way to go when you need a knowledgeable, dependable partner.

With broad and long experience in the fields of industry, automation and business development, I have long-lasting, strong relations to suppliers of alle kinds.

By using my relations and experience, I can also help in tasks such as optimization of production, cost optimization and assistance in job interviews to ensure the right qualifications.

You can always give me a call to determine whether I can help you do what you need an experienced and dependable partner to do.

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